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  • Reduce Barrel Nipple

    shambu step nipple - Shambhu Barrel Nipple - Reduce Barrel Nipple

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • Bansi Non Return Valve

     Bansi NRV - Bansi Non Return Valve - CI NRV - CI Non Return Valve

  • Flanch Non Return Valve

    Flanch Non Return Valve - CI Flange Non Return Valve

  • Mejar / Agro Spring Foot Valve

    Mejar - Agro Spring Foot Valve - CI Mejar - Agro Spring Foot Valve

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • Spring Foot Valve (Morli)

    Spring Foot Valve - Morli)

  • C.I. Hose Nipple & Connector

    CI Hose Coller Nipple - CI Hose Coller Nipple Connector

  • Sub. uPVC Column Pipes

    uPVC Column Pipe - Submersible uPVC Column Pipe

  • G.I. Bend

    GI Bend - GI Step Bend - GI Bend Manufacturers

  • Top Bottom Adoptor

    Top Bottom Adoptor - Submersible Pump Top Bottom Adoptor

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • G.I. Hose Bend

    GI Hose Bend - BP Hose Bend - GI BP Groove Hose Bend Manufacturers



Our Products

G.I. Hose Bend

G.I. Hose Bend

G.I. Bend

G.I. Bend

Mini   Heavy Pump

Sub. uPVC Column Pipes


We Manufacture & Supplier Wide Range of C.I. & G.I. Agricultural and Commercial Pipe Fittings Products.

Sprinkler Irrigation Nozzle, Sprinkler Adopter, EPC Sprinkler Bend, PVC Sprinkler Bend, EPC Sprinkler Pipe Bend, Sprinkler Adopter & Clamp, Sprinkler Riser Pipe, Sprinkler PCN, Sprinkler Pipe Coupler Set, CI GI BP SS Agricultural Submersible Pipe fittings. HDPE Pipe fitting and other irrigation products.Avtar Enterprise Manufacturer & Supplier in Rajkot Gujarat, India

We prioritize our customers and their satisfaction over everything else. Following strict rules, we make sure all our deliveries are made on-time and promptly. Time is the essence of our organization. We believe if orders met on time and if we stick to our disciplinary schedules, nothing can stop the smooth running of the company. We also maintain good and prompt communications with all our customers.


Sprinkler Irrigation Nozzle

Sprinkler Adopter & Clamp

Sprinkler Adopter

EPC Sprinkler Bend


Sprinkler Bend

Sprinkler Tee

Sprinkler EPC. PCN.

Sprinkler Tee


Sprinkler End Cap

Sprinkler Riser Pipe

Sprinkler Pipe Coupler Set

Sprinkler Pipe Bend


PCN. G.I. Nipple

Sprinkler PVC. PCN.

Pump Connector Nipple

Sprinkler Spares


Sprinkler Accessories


Sprinkler Nozzle Equipment

S.S. Bolt Set



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