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Feature Products

  • Reduce Barrel Nipple

    shambu step nipple - Shambhu Barrel Nipple - Reduce Barrel Nipple

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • Bansi Non Return Valve

     Bansi NRV - Bansi Non Return Valve - CI NRV - CI Non Return Valve

  • Flanch Non Return Valve

    Flanch Non Return Valve - CI Flange Non Return Valve

    ss step nipple manufacturers

  • Mejar / Agro Spring Foot Valve

    Mejar - Agro Spring Foot Valve - CI Mejar - Agro Spring Foot Valve

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • Spring Foot Valve (Morli)

    Spring Foot Valve - Morli)

    agricalture submersible pump equipment

  • C.I. Hose Nipple & Connector

    CI Hose Coller Nipple - CI Hose Coller Nipple Connector

    CI Bore Cap - Submersible Pump Bore Cap Cover

  • Sub. uPVC Column Pipes

    uPVC Column Pipe - Submersible uPVC Column Pipe

  • G.I. Bend

    GI Bend - GI Step Bend - GI Bend Manufacturers

  • Top Bottom Adoptor

    Top Bottom Adoptor - Submersible Pump Top Bottom Adoptor

    bp bend - bp step bend - bp bend manufacturers

  • G.I. Hose Bend

    GI Hose Bend - BP Hose Bend - GI BP Groove Hose Bend Manufacturers

    bp bend manufacturer


  About Us

Avtar Enterprise Manufacture & Supplier Wide Range of CI & GI Agricultural and Commercial Pipe Fittings Products and More GI Bend, GI Hose Bend, SS Step Nipple, Galvanize (GI) Step Nipple, SS & GI Re Step Nipple, GI Hose Nipple, CI Hose Nipple & Connector, Submersible Pipes fittings, HDPE Pipe fitting, Hex Nipple, Sub.Column Pipe, CI Flanch, CI Foot Valve, CI Bore Cap Reduce Socket, M.S. Reduce Bush, Sub. Socket (Couplin) Reduce Socket and other irrigation products.

Our Company made a very humble beginning in a small way as a AVTAR Enterprise High quality product of CAST IRON Established in the since 1998.. But Now "AVTAR Enterprise is engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying a wide range of C.I. & G.I. Agricultural and Commercial Products. Submersible Pipe Fittings and uPVC Column Pipes. Agricutural irrigation parts.

Our company was are going to know by our brand name "AVTAR" & "AMEE" last long Time. We us have been in the higher efficiency and field for more than decade. With the dint of to hard-work & our efforts we have been pioneered in field of press. Along with the fast tempo of society and technology innovation, High Quality from first At "AVTAR" We manufacturing from more than 2 decades. We keep concentrate in manufacturing durable product as we can.

In today’s world of globalization, outsourcing is undeniably necessary in order to remain competitive. Outsourcing has become a vital tool in assuring smart solutions for both you and your clients.

We specialize in procuring custom manufactured top quality castings, forgings and fabrications from our established and reputed manufacturers in India. These are world class manufacturers have been carefully selected to supply consistent quality products each and every time.

With our wide-ranging experience in various cast, forged and fabricated products we will select the most appropriate manufacturer based on your As you will agree, selecting the most appropriate manufacturer is of prime importance. Since each manufacturer has their own niche, they are setup to deliver the most competitive solution for your specific requirements. Our fundamental goal is to create a seamless process where our expertise selects the most suitable manufacturing unit for your business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the customer requirement, offer timely deliveries of quality proven products at best competitive price. Our constant emphasis on product quality and client satisfaction has enabled us to mark a difference for our products like :- Manufacturer & Supplier of Submersible Pipes fittings, HDPE Pipe , Column Pipe , Plumbing Pipe , S.S. Step Nipple, S.S. G.I. Step Nipple, S.S. Re. Step Nipple, G.I. Re. Step Nipple, G.I. Hose Nipple, C.I. Hose Nipple Connector, Hex Nipple, Rediuse Barrel Nipple, Bright Check Valve, Spring F.V. (Murli), Four Bolt F.V., C.R.I Type Foot Valve, C.I. Ball Valve, Flanch NRV, Bansi N.R.V., Air Valve Medium, Ext Heavy Air Valve, Round Flanch, Kirloskar Type Flanch, Square Flanch, Adjustable Flanch, ISS Flanch Sujvall, Air Valve Flanch, Sprinkler Irrigation System , Sprinkler Pipe , Sprinkler Accessories , Sprinkler Nozzle , Mini-Sprinkler , Mini-Sprinkler Part & Full Circle. in the relevant market."

Our Vision

We firmly believe that our successes depend on our customers. Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value and trust, together with superior products, prompt service and competitive pricing. The company has a clear vision to provide innovative solutions for any industrial product requirement.

We also owe our success to our people. The ones who work with us towards a common vision. Trust, respect and a healthy relationship with our staff has resulted in superior performance over the years and strive hard to have latest and the latest production technology at the least of the prices to cater to the growth of Avtar Enterprise.

At Avtar Enterpeise we focus in ensuring complete customer satisfaction, while realizing the prospects brought forth by globalization. It’s where your ideas transform into endless possibilities.

Why Us?

With more than a decade' s experience, we have successfully acquired a prominent position in the market. We plan to further expand our business operations and reach out to untapped market segments. Following are some of the factors that make us the most preferred choice of our customers:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Rich market expertise
  • Unmatched product quality
  • Innovative designs and features
  • Very competitive prices
  • Ability to provide customized solutions
  • Efficient distribution network
  • Swift delivery of products.

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